Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Huey is my hair idol - HA!

Well, I discovered this morning that I CAN do the "Tightly Curly" method ( for refreshing my hair in the morning, even if I still have lots of perm left. Instead of spritzing a bunch of water on my hair, I wet my hands (as is recommended on the tightly curly website) and rubbed onto the top of my hair, smoothing it down. Then, I applied a little of my HE Totally Twisted conditioner to my hands and rubbed that onto my hair, smoothing downward again. I repeated the same process with my Hot Six Oil (coconut oil and other fabulous oils) and then kinda rubbed that through my hair and "misted" just a little oil in the back since it was a little drier and a bit frizzy. The results were GREAT! I'll be using this refreshing technique more often as opposed to retwisting my hair almost every other night. I want to manipulate it as little as possible and I think this is the way to go. Just sleep in my satin bonnet and REFRESH in the morning! I've also decided that I will no longer use the Optimum hair cream on my hair (unless absolutely necessary and I have nothing else to use) because it has Mineral oil as it's second ingredient and when I use it, it does make my scalp itch like crazy!!!
I also thought about putting a big flower in my hair today, but didn't know how well that would go over at work - LOL. Maybe I'll start off tomorrow with a small, understand flower and just start from there ;)
My next co-wash, I'm going to use the Suave Naturals Coconut conditioner, Suave Humectant conditioner as my rinsing conditioner, maybe deep condition again with the Pantene Hair Mask and then, of course, my leave in condish will use the HE Totally Twisted. Thought about going back to using my "Motions" shampoo last time I washed but decided not to. I want to see how my hair reacts with a few co-washes, no-poos.

I also ran across this sight that gives great tips for two strand twist out techniques, suggesting starting at the back and making horizontal rows as you go up, then when you get to the top parting the hair on the side or middle and using clips to direct where you want the hair to fall. I might try this with parting my hair in the front down the middle, or even going back. We'll see. I'm sorta torn between doing that or just doing 5 or 6 big rows of flat twists going back away from my face to see how that turns out. We shall see. I SWEAR I'm going to post some pics as soon as my husband takes some and loads them for me - LOL!

By the way, this is how I eventually want my hair to look once I'm through transitioning and it's all grown out to a decent length - My DREAM HAIR! ;)OL ;)

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