Friday, March 19, 2010

For a GREAT Twist out

My hair was "terrible" yesterday. I hadn't styled or twisted for several days, just went to bed with my satin bonnet on and woke up yesterday morning to flattened, dry strands of stringy,frizzy permed hair with no curl or definition at all. Just straight and bushy! UGGHHH! So, I pulled it back into a semi-puff with a headband and tucked the straight ends under in the back. It looked acceptable then so I wore that style to work.

Didn't feel like washing it when I got home yesterday evening so I decided to just restyle and was going to do curly nikki's dry braid n curl, but I decided against that because my hair was just too dry and straight. Sooo, I smoothed a generous amount shea butter all over my hair while it was still dry, made one section in the back, one above each ear, one framing each side of my face, one behind each of those one at the crown and - an one kinda funky one sorta in front of the one at the crown but to the left a bit, for a total of 9 sections.

I filled my spray bottle with water and Suave Coconut condish and sprayed each section before flat twisting (I just double-strand twisted the two near the crown of my head) rolled the ends with my satin/foam rollers. I then sprayed a bit of Hot Six Oil mist on the sections and in between on the scalp area and then went to bed. This morning, my curls were shiny, bouncy, defined and had a nice little bit of weight to them because of the conditioner. I love the way it looks. I even parted it down the middle and the way it turned out looks pretty good on me today. The only problem I had was that a couple of sections in the front were still a bit wet so I had to blow dry them a bit and then leave the rollers in until I got to work. The sections were pretty much dry then but one section right in the front was BONE straight at the ends - about an inch, soooo....I just cut the straight part off with my scissors! (It's perm anyway, would've eventually been cut off in the end). Other than that, my hair looks great! Will definitely be repeating this routine using these products again. I'm also noticing some growth in the back, where my hair is the most damaged and shortest. Lot's of new growth coming in and lengthening when I stretch it out. Getting a little itchy to cut some more perm off! Will definitely co-wash and maybe try the braid out on just washed hair tonight or tomorrow. We'll see.


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