Friday, February 18, 2011


I finally figured out how to get a decent twist out!

I dry detangled my hair last night using KCKT and a little of the Design Essentials Stretching Creme that my cousin gave me. I didn't like the DE the first time I tried it because I thought it felt really tacky, but used sparingly and combined with the KCKT, it's pretty decent.

My hair was already pretty stretched from having it in braids a few days ago and then wearing it in the "tuck and roll" style for a couple more days. The key for a good twist out on me, is to do it dry, after it's stretched out. Also, FLAT two strand twists. Not just twists. flat twists get to the roots better and create a wave all throughout my hair, not just the middle to the ends like just two strand twisting. I LOVE it. And I did a center part instead of a side part. I will still do the two strand twists and roll occassionally if I want a tighter curl or a more frizzy "fro" type style, but for my twist out, the flat twists are the way to go.

I did two rows of 4 flat twists in the back and 3 - 4 on each side of my head with the ones in the front framing both sides of my face. I also rolled the ends of the twists that still have a bit of perm on the ends, with sponge rollers that I removed the sponges from and just used the frame of the rollers. I just rolled the very ends, not all the way up to my scalp, this was to allow the hair to hang a little bit. I then tied my silk scarf on with my twists hanging down, under the scarf, and put on my satin bonnet.

When I woke up this morning, I carefully took down the twists with my hands coated with oil, fluffed and styled a litte bit (not too much) and Voila! Next time, I might do two rows of 4 twists in the back and one more row closer to the the crown of my head to give it a little more "lift" but I am truly loving this twist out! I'm going to need to have hubby take some pics tonight so I can post them because I'm going to wash my hair tonight and put it's back to the braids and protective twists style for next week. I may try to wear my hair out in this twist out, though, once a week. SO HAPPY ;)

Ciao for now!

Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm On!

Hey, Just a quick update and some pics. I am now taking part in the Kim Cole/CurlyNikki Natural Hair Grow Out Challenge. It started in February and ends in July. The challenge is as follows:

*Drink at least 64 oz of water each day (or half your body weight in ounces)

*Eat a healthy, balanced diet

*Take a multi vitamin and other beneficial supplements

*Handle hair gently at all times

*Seal your ends every time you moisturize

*Minimize (direct) heat usage

*Deep treatment at every wash session

*Develop and follow a consistent hair routine, tailored to your specific needs and desired goals
*Document your progress, observations, and frustrations on your personal blog (On the website)

*Encourage your fellow curlies by sharing tips, advice, and chimin on their blogs

*Have fun and enjoy the journey

So, I started my blog on their site, per the requirements and I'm well on my way! Check it out when you get a chance. It's listed here:

Any-whoo, I thought I share some current pics (Done just this weekend) of my new favorite protective style and current length. I'm very please with my progress ;)
I also believe that I'm going to change the focus of my "hair mission" from not just my own hair progress and challenges but I'd like to specifically target challenges for the curly over 40. There are many blogs and vloggers out there who are younger and don't have to deal with the same challenges that us older curlies have to. (yet, lol) for instance:

-Dealing with thinning hair and how to style accordingly
-Workplace/professional styles (there are a lot of cute curly styles out there, but some I just don't think are apropriate for many older ladies. Don't get me wrong, I like to rock the wild big hair, but in some situations and venues it's not appropriate for the more mature curly. I'd like to see more styles and tips geared toward the more mature ladyI'd like to start a forum for us.

-Dealing with gray-ing, natural hair
These are just a couple of thoughts for my focus. If you can think of anymore, let me know. And if you'd like to start up a dialog, let me know that as well. Fell free to post, comment your thoughts, etc. on either this blog or my Naturallycurly blog!

Oh, and here is some random texture pic thrown in. (I had just taken my twists down, my hair was dry and I hadn't even attempted to style it yet so its looking pretty "raw" LOL!) I still can't figure out my texture. I know I'm definitel a 4b/c, but in these shots it looks like there may also be a little 4a in there. Tell me what you think?

Ciao for now!!