Thursday, March 11, 2010


Styled my dry, crunchy hair last night using water spritz, shea butter and olive oil smoothing/hold pudding. did a two tier flat twist with about 10 twists total (4 on the bottom, 2 on either side of my head, one directly in front on my forehead and just one regular two strand twist at the crown.). Rolled these all up to the scalp with my satin covered foam rollers (I think I need to get some that are a little bigger than the ones I have currently, or those flexirods. But that'll have to wait 'til my next trip to the bss). Got up this morning and did the take down and the curls were looking super-fab! Love it. My hair looks something like this - only not as long in the back ;)

I went ahead and got some curl activator, ended up getting World of Curls instead of the Long Aid because WOC came in a smaller jar. Didn't want to get the great big jar of LA because I may not like it. I'm going to just cover my hair with my satin cap tonight and refresh in the morning with a little water and the WOC, we'll see how that turns out ;) Then, when I co-wash this weekend I'll use the WOC with my leave-in condish and see how THAT works. I'll keep you posted. And I will really, really try to get some pics on here this weekend ;)

Oh, and I can't remember which site I got this pic from so I don't know her name (sorry) but I'm putting this pic up as a reminder to myself that if my refresh doesn't go well in the morning, I can always wear my hair like this. It is a cute style that I'd like to try sometime soon.

I saw this statement by "Luka Lomi" on the curly nikki site today:
"My staple styles are the twists and twist outs. I love to change my hairstyle constantly. Each state it's in changes my mood inversely, I change my hair to suit my moods. I love how my hair changes everyday. Every night I sleep on it, it gets better and more unique. Curly hair has a mind of its own. I've learned to just roll with the punches when it comes to dealing with my mane. If my hair is super frizzy, dirty, or tangled then I put it in a high pony."

Couldn't have said it better my self ;)


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