Friday, March 12, 2010

Going Out!

I'm going out to dinner tonight, trying to decide what to do with my hair. I did try the WOC gel (sans water) on my hair this morning and it perked up my flat curls pretty good. I decided not to add the water because I just wanted to see what it would do on dry hair. Not too bad. It is pretty sticky and greasy though and I prolly used a little too much so I'll know better next time. I'm going to try it with my leave-in this weekend when I co-wash. See how my hair responds. I really want to see if I'll have product build up and need to wash with a little shampoo next time. I've co-washed the last 2-3 weeks so I'm wondering if I need to go ahead and do a shampoo wash maybe once a month. We'll see.

So, back to this evening. Do I want to:

1). Pull back one side with a clip and flower?

2). Just put a flower behind one ear?

3). Pull back just the front with a wide/decorative (sparkly) headband?

4). Pull it up on both sides?
5). -or- spritz some water on it and make it really big and puffy? ;)

Guess it'll depend which looks best with what I'm wearing. Actually, I'm not going to dress up, just gonna get out of this YMCA work shirt that I'm wearing today. Maybe wear a nice bright sweater or something.

By the way, the pic above, I'm thinking that's about how my hair will look once all the perm is out. That looks like it might be about my texture. Love it! Can't wait. I know that my hair is not going to just "hang" in ringlets from my scalp when I'm au naturel. Not this puffy 4b/c hair. But, I don't want it to. I want to rock it in all of it's Nappy glory! LOL ;)

Welll....ciao for now ;)

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