Monday, February 1, 2010

Two strand flat twist-out "fro"

So, I finally got some recent pics posted. I think this is my best 2strand flat twist out yet. The pictures that I posted yesterday don't look as good as I think it does in real life but I discovered that if I do just a 2 strand twist in the front going away from my face, I get a better result and the style is more flattering - to me anyway. It's really more like a curly "fro" since I do the twists and then roll the entire twist all the way up to the scalp. My hair turned out really big on the top so I had to pin the front down a bit with a bobby pin - I actually like the really "big" look, but I thought I'd better tone it down a little for work. I've freaked enough people out as it is with my new hair - LOL.

It's amazing how different your hair turns out depending on the way you twist it, how many twists you make etc. I've discovered a couple of other hairstyles that I can rock when my twist-out starts to fade and I don't feel like retwisting for a few days. I found these on "" website (which I love, by the way). I'll post my hair in these styles as I wear them.

One I wore this weekend was a fat, loose ponytail. I'll post a pic of mine the next time I wear it, but here is Curly Nikki's:

I really like this look.

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