Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Don't have to be perfect!

You know, I didn't twist up my hair last night, just slept in my satin bonnet and my hair still looked pretty good today. I've decided to stop trying to make my twist outs look "perfect". Every curl doesn't have to fall in place and it doesn't have to look uniform from all angles, as I've always believed a hairstyle should. I'm just gonna let my curls do what they want to do. If it looks a little wild, then so be it - LOL! I think part of going natural has to do with changing your mindset and your preceptions about you hair. That's almost as important as the hair change itself. (I love Syesha's "wild" look - see pic above)

I'm also going to stop comparing the way my twist out looks to the way others' looks. Everybody's hair is different and unique and mine doesn't have to look like anybody elses'. I've got to rock my own style ;)

'til later....

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