Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6 months into my Transition...Thoughts

Well, I've been taking 1000 mcg (micrograms) of Biotin for the past 3 weeks, and I really can see some difference in my hair health and even my nails are growing, it seems, a little faster and stronger. My hair isn't shedding like it was and it's really thickening up, especially in the back where it is mostly natural now. I may up the dosage to 2000 mcg and see how that works. I've read that some people take up to 5000 mcg and I've seen bottles of 5000 dosage in the drug stores. Biotin has no side effects so I can't hurt. Its water soluable so what your body doesn't absorb just comes out through your urine. My hair does seem to be much healthier, though.

It's funny because I look at pics of me when I first started transitioning 6 months ago and I started getting a little discouraged because my hair was longer, my twist-out looked more "lush" for a lack of better term. But then I realized, that wasn't my natural hair, that was mostly the permed hair. My natural hair is growing like crazy now, while my permed hair is phasing out, either shedding or from my trimming it away periodically. So, my twist outs look shorter and pouffier because they are! It's my natural hair taking over. But, it seems to really be growing thick!

I've been using the "Worlds of Curls" activator on mostly the back of my hair where it's almost completely natural for a couple of days now. It doesn't do much in terms of curl definition (although I have yet to apply it as a styling gel for my twist out), but it definitely moisturizes (the first two ingredients are water and glycerin) the dry hair in the back and keeps my hair looser and softer. I think I'll continue to use it. Especially after I BC because my natural hair seems to like it. I don't use a whole lot because I don't like for my hair to feel greasy, but it feels soft and I like touching it. It doesn't feel crunchy in the back anymore and it's not shedding at all. I'm going to have to do a re-styling session tonight, though, because when I took down my TnC yesterday, it was still wet and now I've got a lot of frizz! I may just TnC the back. I don't know. We'll see how I feel when I get home from work this evening. ;)

This weekend I'm going to try "Kinky Curly Coily's" routine: I'll apply olive oil to my hair (my Hot Six Oil) and co-wash, apply Organic Root Stimulators Hair Mayonnaise, comb through and let it sit with a plastic baggy for about 15 minutes, detangle, rinse and then apply Cantu Leave in Condish (if I can ever find any!). After that I'll probably use the ORS curly pudding that I have and flat twist probably seal my ends with shea butter. See how that turns out ;) I want to try the Hair Mayo because I want to see if it will be a good replacement for my Pantene R&N hair mask when it all runs out ;(

I think I'll continue to co-wash and skip shampooing altogether, my hair seems to act better when I don't use shampoo. I haven't really found one that doesn't make my hair feel stripped of all moisture! Maybe I'll just shampoo once a month with a shampoo that has some "sls" (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) in it just to get rid of build up and the "cones" in my conditioner and other products. I'll probably use the Organic Root Olive Oil Cream shampoo. It seem to have been the gentlest on my hair so far of all the shampoos I've tried and it does have some sls in it, but I'll wait another couple of weeks before I do that.

Ciao for now!

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