Wednesday, July 13, 2011


So, I'm really getting my routine down to basics and I love it. It's really working out great - less product, less manipulation and healthier hair! I took some tips from Cipriana of "Urbanbushbabes" mainly because her hair type is similar to mine and she has had such great success with hair growth and health over 4 years following her routine. I've modified it to suit me, of course, but here goes:

  • Shampoo monthly with a mild shampoo to remove any buildup on hair

  • Pre-poo and Co-wash bi-weekly with conditioner and olive oil (leave pre-poo on with a baggy and scarf for at least 15 mins to deep condition) rinse hair, apply leave-in and put into medium to small twists all over head

  • Once a week take twists down (using oil and a little bit of oil/water spritz) apply leave-in and re-twist, twist the "twists" together making about 6 big twists and then "band" twists to stretch overnight. Release the 6 larger twists in the morning and style hair in a protective updo for the week. (bun, twists, twist bun with Goody barrette or faux puff bun)

  • Nightly while hair is in protective updo style - spritz hair lightly with EVOO "spray" and tie with satin scarf and satin bonnet before bed.

Generally the only products that I use now are:

Water, EVOO, Hot Six Oil, EVOO Spray, Shampoo of choice (right now it's Jessicurl's Cleansing Cream or ORS Creamy Olive Oil Shampoo), Kimmaytube leave in mix, Aloe Vera Juice, Shea Butter, Jessicurl's Weekly Deep Conditioner or HH Hello Hydration.

I'm also discovering the beauty of my hair the way it is - not twisted to create a certain curl pattern but just appreciating it for it's kinky, shrinky, nappy, poofy self. Check out my video on this:

Ciao for now!

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