Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My First Braid Out and Thoughts on Hair Length

Hi! I'm really enjoying my hair growth and length. It really is growing well. Still trying to eat well, get plenty of water and taking my vitamin supplements as well as handling my hair gently and mixing Olive and Hot Six oils with EVERYTHING! Seriously, though. I mixed oils into my daily water spritz and used it to moisturize my hair when it was seriously dry and knotted up at the ends (I had been wearing it in puffy bun styles). I sectioned the hair off and spritzed each section generously and started detangling first with my fingers and then with my wide-tooth comb and paddle brush and there was hardly any difficulty at all. Very few knots and tangles! I was so excited! No more fighting with a dry tangled mess of hair, and I can detangle my hair dry without loading it up with conditioner (although, that does help ;)

So, I decided to be brave and do a braid out for Easter. I didn't use any rollers at the ends as I've done in the past with my TnCs. It turned out alright, I just have to get used to the ends being straight instead of curly. I need to practice a little more but overall I was pretty pleased. I used shea butter and did 4 big french braids going back. I did a flat twist at the very front going towards my right ear. See the results above pics ;)

I'm also super excited that my hair is long enough now to do this cute little puffy bun look in the back. (See very first pic at the top) I achieve this look best when my hair has been stretched by flat-twisting or braiding the night before.

I'm pretty much completely natural now. No more relaxed ends in the back, on the sides or in the front. Just a little, about 1/2 to 1 inch of relaxed ends left at the crown of my head. I'm trying to hold off until July before I cutthat all off, but, I don't know if I'll make it. We'll see.

I've been thinking a lot lately about hair length. I thought I went on this journey wanting my hair to be crazy long - like a lot of natural you tubers out there. But, now that my hair is growing and becoming more and more healthy, and I'm able to do more styles that I like, I don't know now that my goal is for my hair to be super long. I'm enjoying it as it is right now. I can wear it out, I can "bun" it, I can make a puffy bun look with or without a banana clip in the back. I don't think I'm all that in love with the idea of my hair being terribly long anymore. I'm really liking it for where and what it is right now which is about collar bone length on the side and in the back when stretched. In the front it's about nose-tip length when streteched. I'd like for the front to get a little longer so it'll be even with the rest of my hair but other than that, I don't feel the need for my hair to grow down to my butt, LOL! If it does fine, if it doesn't, I'm o.k. with that too. It's just not my focus anymore. Originally, I wanted my natural hair to grow out to the length that my relaxed hair was when I started this journey. I believe that I've surpassed that goal already so, I'll just continue to treat it well, protect it, etc. do all the things I'm doing now, chop the final relaxed ends off by July, and be happy with how it is in the present instead of focusing on and living for the future and wishing for my hair to grow down past my knees ;)

Check out my video on my thoughts about hair length on my YouTube Channel @ or view it below.

What are your thoughts? What are your hair goals? Weigh in!!!

Ciao for now :)

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