Wednesday, August 11, 2010


My hair is responding so nicely to a few things that I've been doing recently. It's groing nicely in the back and all around in general. I discovered that I can do a wash n' go in a pinch - just co-wash with HH (which I've fallen in love with all over again) -or- rinse really good if I don't have time to co-wash, then add Cantu Shea butter leave in, which is working much better than I orginally thought since I trimmed quite a bit more of my perm off. My natural hair loves things that my chemically processed hair just doesn't. But, the perm is slowly but surely being trimmed away and I'm loving my real curls! They're so healthy and springy and respond well when I give them what they want. Lot's of moisture and COCONUT OIL! This stuff is the business! It keeps my hair moisturized and soft, helps define my curls nicely and just makes my hair respond so much better. I can also "shingle define" my 4b/4c curls when wet with some Cantu leave in and Ecco Styling gel! I didn't want to use the styling gel but once I did, I was hooked. It defines my curls nicely. I load my wet hair up with the gel, section it into smallish sections and brush the gel through - bam! Nicely defined curls. They're not the springy silky curls of a 3 hair type but my hair separates nicely into kinky koils that I then rake my fingers through to further define or twist smaller sections at the back and middle into "doodles" or coils. I absolutely love it!

I've also discovered that if I leave the coils in the back and just separate them into one or two sections once it dries in the morning, I get definition and it lasts for a long time if I leave it alone. But here's what I did last night;
To dry hair I sectioned and used my spray bottle to spritz water on and then applied Cantu shea leave in to each section then the ecco gel. two strand twist (not flat twists) and leave the back where it's pretty much all natural in twists. The top and front where there's still perm, I two strand twist and then add a roller to the ends. In the morning untwist section into just a few sections,(3 or 4) and then fluff just a little bit not disturbing the coils too much. I love the results and the gel helps the curls last a little longer if I don't mess with them too much. Today I co-washed with HH and then conditioned with Totally Twisted (which I don't like as much as the HH but it worked). Let the TT sit on my hair for a bit while in the shower then rinse and blot hair gently with a towel (or preferrably an old t-shirt), then I separate into 5 sections (separating them and finger detangling as I go - because of the coconut oil and the other condishes my hair had lots of slip and detangling was a breeze!) then I add the Cantu Shea leave in and then seal with the coconut oil. I detangle with my shower comb, then detangle the sections which I split each into two smaller sections, with my denaman brush and twist each of those sections loosely to keep them separated. This I do out of the shower at the bathroom sink. I then untwisted each section at at time, starting at the back, split THOSE sections into two and add ecco gel to each section and retwist. The back I section and twist and twirl the ends but don't roller them. The top and sides I do the same but I do roll the ends on rollers because of the straight permed ends. I'm sure it will turn out great in the morning becuase I've been following this routine for a little over a week and it's awesome! I love the little coils that I either leave in the back as twists in the morning or just separate them into two sections - that's all. Gorgeous! I'll probably shampoo this weekend simply because I think I need to do that at least once a month because of the "cone" build up. Need a little sls to neutralize the cone build up but that's really not a big deal as my hair is responding nicely and growing just great! I think I've reached a milestone ;)

Ciao for now!

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