Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Routine - Even BETTER!

So, I've discovered a new routine that works absolutely PERFECT for my hair. It keeps breakage to a minimum and detangles oh, so nicely! I got this routine off of Youtube and I think its a keeper: (I'm journaling this more for myself than anything else so I won't forget it - LOL! Also, I get good results when detangling in the shower with my old routine and the Pantene R&N Hair Mask, but that "ish" is hard to find and I don't want to feel like I have to rely on that for easy detangling when I run out of the supply that I have. Plus, I don't like being in the shower as long as I have to when washing and detangling in the shower. In my complex where I live, the hot water doesn't last for long if you take a 30-45 minute shower and I find myself trying to rush through my washing and detangling session before I'm doused in lukewarm to freezing cold water! With my thick, dense hair, rushing through the routine is a NO NO. You end up yanking and pulling at tangles and knots instead of taking your time and lovlingly detangling with patience - HA! ) SOOOOO.... I found another routine that doesn't even involve that stuff, and it works out even better for my detangling sessions because I'm using some good oils and sectioning my hair into smaller sections - SMILE!)

First - I section my dry hair into four large sections. Mix a pre-poo concoction of EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil), COO (coconut oil - smells oh, so good!) and Cantu shea butter leave in condish, warming up the oil, of course, so the COO will melt. Next I section, clip back the sections and section each large section into smaller sections, apply the pre-poo to each section at a time and finger detangle as I apply the pre-poo to my hair, scalp and ends. When I'm done detangling a section, I braid that section and move on to the next. I do this throughout my hair, making about 16-18 little braids. Then, I spritz a little water all over my hair with my water spritzer bottle and then baggy my hair and cover the baggy with a scarf and leave it on for anywhere from 20 mins to 3 hours, depending on what I'm doing that day. (Today, I covered the baggy with my satin bonnet and rocked a black tam on top of that, cocked to the side. I went downtown to the mall and everything in my tam - made up my face, wore big earrings and applied extra fly eye makeup. I was definitely feeling FIERCE - LOL, no, really!

Next, I unbaggy, mix a concoction of EVOO, Suave Coconut condish and ORS Olive Oil cream shampoo (just a little bit of the shampoo). I apply this mixture in between the parts where the braids are and message this into my scalp. Remember, shampooing is more for the scalp than the hair. My hair is still in braids. I then rinse the shampoo mixture out in the kitchen sink - I don't even have to get in the shower to rinse! Just rinse the "poo" mixture right out of my braids. This takes hardly anytime at all since the mixture rinses out so easily. I then blot my hair with a t-shirt - not a towel!

I then mix up some ORS Hold and Smooth Pudding, a little more EVOO, and a leave in condish like HE Hello Hydration or, like this time, I used Deva Curl One condish. I apply this to each damp braid individually, unbraid that section, apply more mixture, if needed, and detangle with my shower comb first, then my denman brush. The oils and condish soften my hair so that the comb and then the brush virtually glide right through my hair from roots to end (note, this particular time I trimmed my ends but, I won't need to do this every time. My ends really needed trimming. I HATE those raggedy, straight permed ends. Getting rid of them slowly but surely!)

After I detangle a section I either double strand twist it or braid it (I braided the back so that it would hold because it's shorter in the back.). Once done with all sections of my hair, I didn't roll it this time on rollers, just pinned sections back with hair pins. I don't know how the twist out will turn out tomorrow as far as definition goes, since I didn't roll the ends with rollers, but I definitely love this routine. It's probably not faster, but, I get less breakage and shedding by sectioning and my hair loves all of the oils and condish. It feels soft and manageable. We'll see how the twist out turns out without rolling tomorrow. But, like I said, this routine and the products are definitely a keeper. So much easier to work with my "4" hair in sections. LOVE IT!

Ciao, for now ;)

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