Friday, July 6, 2012

The "Diva" Bun

I recently visited Chicago for a work conference and wanted to wear my hair in a no-fuss style for the week. It was BLAZING hot and I didn't want my hair down in my face or on my neck because we had to do alot of walking outside, mainly from the hotel to our corporate headquarters. I also wanted to do some site-seeing in general and just didn't want to have to mess with my hair. I had co-washed and conditioned my hair and put it in medium twists all over my head. I didn't want to take the twists down so I decided to put my hair up in a bun. But, I wanted a HUGE bun (of course) so I got some of the "Marley", Kanekalon hair from my local beauty supply (just one pack). I got the one that matched my hair color and texture the closest and 2 strand twisted the whole thing into one big twist. I then twisted that big twist around my own bun on top of my head and secured it with bobby pins all around. The results? Instant LOVE! This style was easy to do, easy to maintain - I just tied my hair down with a scarf at night and then spritzed my hair lightly in the morning with some Jamaican Mango & Lime No Itch Growth Spray. This style lasted a whole week and could've lasted several. I love it and will be wearing this style again. It's perfect for these hot summer days and it looks fantastic and regal, I think. I got so many compliments, not to mention a really great twistout once I took the twists down!

Check out more pics from my Chicago trip on my Youtube channel here:

Ciao for now! :)

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