Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flat twist out

Well, I tried a "flat" twist out on my hair today. Washed and conditioned it last night and flat twisted it while still wet and coated with conditioner and rolled the ends. I think I left it too wet because some parts in the back were not quite dry this morning when I got up so I left the twists in until I got to work, to give it time to dry, and then ran straight to the bathroom to take them out before anyone could see me! I think I like the flat twist out better because it gives a more uniform, wavy look from scalp to ends - especially in the back where my hair has several different lengths.

I don't like sleeping on rollers, though. I have to put something at the ends of my hair to create a curl because my perm is so stringy at the ends and I don't want the ends sticking out every which way when my hair dries. So, I think I might try using straws on the ends this evening. We'll see how that works. Will post pics soon ;)

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